What’s the point of all of this blogging business and these secret words that I’m blasting?

For me, a 28 year old traveling salesman who refuses to lay down his persistence of greatness and influence and shoes-optional success, it’s a tool used to fine-tune my creative voice.

My Secret Vocabulary is actually a sequel.   Like the first  one (http://mysecretvocabulary.blogspot.com) however, this web log is a composition of  ideas, methods, and general randomness that may serve one well with humor, insight, and inspiration.

Words are the authors of those who use them; why not mold them and stretch them and ball them up in to bite-size planets at our will on our own terms in our own best interest?

Do More Now…

…is the mantra that keeps me moving to serve that which is best for all because that is what is best of all, always…

…because that is art – The best parts of us striving from within our guts to clutch a foothold beyond the conservative breach of safety that otherwise binds us like a castle does to sunlight, beginning just after 3 and ending just after 8, the other one, in the A.M., of course…

The Artists in us are the best parts of us.

Let not the pragmatic efforts made

in the name of mere existence

hold back the passion of wideopenness.


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