Online Dating

It seems, as a society, while we are granted this wonderful opportunity for widespread connection via modern communication technology, we may only do so from far beyond arms reach, one email at a time and then maybe facebook stalk to friend request to text to phone conversation until we’ve invested a million extra seconds with someone whom we’ve only read and maybe seen the best of their thousands of digital pictures, all for a single face to face meeting where, if “it” is actually there, then the effort is well paid, but if not, you feel like Jerry Seinfeld making jokes about the waitress or passers by or, worse yet, talking about the weather or traffic or another subject that’s on the outer layer of the conversation onion, all the while waiting until it’s late enough to get away with the “early meeting” excuse that you’ve undoubtedly planted within the first three minutes of the evening because that’s all it takes to know weather you like her or think of her as “nice, but”, which is not to be confused with “nice butt.”


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