Blarketing 1

An interesting aspect I notice in the reading of this blog and in watching the Shirky TED Talk is the value of information in relation to the incentives therein.

A Logic Expiriment: If it is more favorable to trust information provided by an unbiased / unmotivated informant, then is a quality depiction of a given event provided by a blogger a more accurate depiction of the given event versus an account reported by a “real” Journalist from Fox or CNN or Al Jazeera?

Obviously, there is merit to the things proffesional journalist say and write.   Otherwise our collective interest would not fuel the hand of their affiliated advertisers to pay them comfortable salaries and reward them with fat purses for worthwhile articles and 11:00 News stories. 

But the skeptic in me must ask, “What makes an article worthwhile?” 

Well, firstly, as do most things, it depends on the perspective of the observer and, from the perspective of those who command the news that reaches a multitude of observers, what do most observers want to know about?  But, that’s really not it either.  It’s not like we are in the age of the Mad Men-esque advertising pioneers.  You know, back in the good ole days when there were only two or three black and white channels.  Now, things have changed and so have the relevant questions.

Today, faced with a multitude of media platforms in the form of T.V channels, websites, Google-Pedia and Yahooites, blogs, newspapers, magazines, radio, satelite and, God forbid, books, the advertising puppeteers who think they control the world must be quite a bit more specific. 

‘What are the most-likely-to-spend-money-on-our-stuff constituents of media land interested in hearing about’ and ‘how much of it can we give them until they get tired of it and stop accidentaly watching our commercials?’ 

Pardon the irony, but I, as most bloggers have no documented sources to back up these opinions portrayed.  I’m not getting paid for this and there’s nothing that would stop me from telling you via this portal a complete load of crap and pass it off as truth.

But, on the other hand, why would I (we)?

…TBC, how do we Blarket, and later, Why?

Do More Now.


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